Rules and regulations of Na Zaciszu Guest Rooms

  1. The presented rules set forth the principles of providing services, responsibilities and presence of the guests on the Na Zaciszu Guest Rooms and constitutes an integral part of the agreement. The agreement is reached by signing a registration card as well as by making a reservation or paying a deposit or the entire payment for the stay. By conducting the abovementioned measures the guest confirms, that he or she has become familiar and accepts the terms of the presented Regulations.
  2. These rules and regulations apply to all the quests staying at the Na Zaciszu Guest Rooms.
  3. The rules and regulations are available at the reception desk.
  4. Hotel rooms are rented based on the number of nights to be spent at the hotel, which lasts from 2pm to 11am.
  5. Shall the quest extend his/her stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, he/she should report it to the reception desk by 8am before the day of departure.
  6. Visitors who are not checked-in guests of Na Zaciszu Guest Rooms must not remain in the rooms from 10pm till 10am.
  7. The night-time quite hours ought to be followed from 10pm till 7am.
  8. The reservation can be made by telephone or by e-mail.
  9. For the reservation to be confirmed, a payment in advance of PLN 80 is necessary. It should be send to a bank account noted on the website within 24 hours from the moment of reservation. In case of renting 2 rooms exclusively PLN 150 is required.
  10. The deposit, which is referred to in 9. shall not be reimbursable in case of not using the service.
  11. The check-in procedure is completed only after showing a valid identity card or passport and signing the registration card.
  12. The quest is not allowed to pass on his/her room to other people even if the time of the stay paid for has not finished yet.
  13. Each guest is required to pay a local fee of PLN 1,60 per person for each day of their stay which is transferred to the Krakow City Hall.
  14. Invoices for the stay can be issued upon request within 14 days from the date of check-out. They will be sent to the indicated address.
  15. The guests shall be materially responsible for any loss or damage to the hotel room and the equipment caused by them or by their visitors. Parents are responsible for the damage caused by their children.
  16. Guests should not disturb the peace of stay of other guests.
  17. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the entire building.
  18. It is absolutely forbidden to keep any animals in the guest rooms.
  19. Guests cannot store any dangerous goods in their rooms, such as firearms and ammunition, flammable materials, explosives.
  20. It is prohibited to engage in the acquisition and direct selling activities at the Na Zaciszu Guest Rooms.
  21. The guest agrees to the processing and storage of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2014, items 1182 as amended, by Na Zaciszu Guest Rooms for purposes connected with the stay at the hotel and it will be in use by other services provided by the hotel. Guests have the right to access and change their personal details.
  22. Items left in the rooms by the departing guests will be sent (at the expense of the recipient) to the address specified by the guest.
  23. If requested renting the bus is possible – the price to be negotiated. Call on: 571 312 634

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